Misunderstandings installation of Solar Street Light

Misunderstandings Installation Of Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly street light, which will not store garbage and affect nature. Therefore, many urban lighting projects currently prefer to choose solar street light. In addition, the installation of solar street light is much simpler and more convenient than traditional street light. It is also true that some grassroots construction workers may take it lightly during installation and make some mistakes that should not be made, resulting in solar street lights failing to turn on or lighting time very short. Today, the editor of Second Sun summarized several misunderstandings about the installation of solar street light, and hope that everyone can avoid similar problems.

1. Freely extend the solar panel connection line

Customers simply separate the solar panels and the lights a long distance because the installation of solar panels is to interference in some locations, and the distance of 10m or more, and then randomly buy two-core wires on the market to connect them and that's it. The charging efficiency will be reduced a lot and the lighting time will be affected because the quality of the wires on the market is not very good and the distance between the wires is very long.

2. The solar panel placed indoor for charging

Some customers will install solar road lamp in the parking shed to facilitate parking at night, but also install solar panels in the shed so that the charging effect is naturally greatly reduced. In this case, we can use outdoor charging, indoor discharge, solar panels, and lights. Install in a separate way.

3. Solar panels are inclined face to face

For the sake of beauty, the installer may install the solar panels face-to-face symmetrically, but if one side is oriented correctly, then the other side is definitely wrong. On the wrong side, the charging efficiency will be reduced because the light cannot directly reach the sun light.

4. There are too many obstructions in the installation place, resulting in a decrease in the charging efficiency of the solar panel.

For example, obstructions such as leaves and buildings block the light, which affects the absorption and utilization of light energy.

5. The angle adjustment problems of the solar panel which leaded to the low charging efficiency.

The correct angle adjustment of the solar panel needs to follow a simple principle: let the sun direct the solar panel so that the charging efficiency is the maximum. In different places, the tilt angle of the solar panel can refer to the local latitude. The horizontal tilt angle of the solar panel depends on the latitude. Therefore, the adjustable angle of the solar panel is quite critical for different latitudes and roads.

6. On-site personnel will not use the engineering remote control correctly, and the light will not turn on due to incorrect parameter settings

According to many on-site understandings, some construction workers reported that they did not know the function and purpose of this remote control. In fact, it is possible that the parameters have been set incorrectly at this time, resulting in abnormal lighting. The remote control of Yuanchuang intelligent lighting design 6 kinds of humanized working modes is simple and convenient, one-key switch, no need to worry about parameter setting errors, switch to which mode is needed.

7. Solar panels are installed underwires, branches, light poles, or other obstructions, which will leave a shadow on the solar panels during the day.

Because solar panels generally have multiple strings, if there is a shadow on a string of solar panels, and the shadow is relatively deep, if it is serious, this string is equivalent to an open circuit, and if the solar panel is too many If it is connected in series and one in parallel, this solar panel will not generate electricity.

8. There is a reference light source next to the solar panel, which causes the charging voltage of the solar panel to be above the light control voltage point, and the light cannot be turned on.

For example, there are other street lights next to the solar street light. When night falls, the next street light turns on, causing the solar panel of the solar street light to detect the light source and mistake it for daytime. At this time, the controller will not let it turn on.

The above misunderstandings about the installation of solar street lights are shared here. Solar street lights are the most ideal road lighting equipment in daily life and will continue to develop and innovate with the improvement of people's living standards.

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