How To Choose A Good Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are ideal lighting fixtures for roads. With the improvement of people's lives and the continuous development of society, they have been widely used and known by more and more people. However, the solar street lights currently on the market are dazzling, and the quality is uneven. How to choose a good solar street light is also a problem. In response to your question, the editor of Second Sun will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Choose the Light Sources

Solar street lights used LED Light Sources, and the most used are 1W lamp beads, one-piece power is 1W, so how many lamp beads are how many watts are.

2. Light Pole

Light poles mainly consider height, shape, and parameters. The higher the height of the light pole, the higher the corresponding parameters and price. The more complicated the shape of the light pole, the higher the price.

3. Solar Panels
Solar Panels used monocrystalline and polycrystalline. The price of monocrystalline is higher than that of polycrystalline. Generally, customers do not have professional measuring instruments to purchase. It is recommended to use the size area to measure、The larger the size area、the larger the size of the solar panel. Large is proportional to the power of the battery panel.

4. Battery

Solar street light batteries are generally divided into three types: lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, and lithium batteries. Currently, colloidal and lithium batteries are commonly used. The cost of lithium batteries is higher than that of colloids, and the cost of colloids is higher than that of lead-acid batteries.

5. Manufacturer Strength

The strength of the manufacturer is very important. Why do you say that? Because if a manufacturer has strong strength, the scale of the factory must be large, and there will be many suppliers. They can have multiple choices, and they can give the customers the most benefits. Not only that, but powerful manufacturers can also provide you with more suggestions and more professional services.

6. Manufacturer's Reputation

Regardless of whether it is the street lighting industry or other industries, it is very hard to make it bigger and stronger. Therefore, the first thing we need to look at is the reputation of street lamp manufacturers. For manufacturers with a good reputation, the quality will not be too bad. If most people think it is bad, the reputation will definitely not be good. To understand whether this street lamp manufacturer has a good reputation, it is necessary to learn about it through various platforms on the Internet, and the majority of netizen will tell you. 

7. Detailed Configuration

If you want to buy solar-powered street lights, you must see the detailed configuration of the street light. Things that are too complicated can be avoided, but you must understand the power of the lamp, the size of the battery board, and the capacity of the battery. Because the wind of unreal capacity in the market is getting stronger and stronger, if you don't know how to distinguish it, you will probably suffer.

In addition, if you don't know some street light knowledge, the control is all in the hands of the other party. You don’t know what the overall effect is like, so you feel aggrieved.

8. Warranty Time

Under normal circumstances, the warranty period of the street light is 1~3 years. The longer the warranty period, the higher the quality of the product, and also the higher price.

The above about how to choose a good solar street light will be shared here for everyone. In addition, before ordering solar street lights, you can try them out in small batches, and compare the products you have used with other products. Take a period of time as the test cycle, and the result is clear in mind.

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