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Solar Garden Light Wholesale

Solar garden lights are becoming a popular way of keeping the garden nice and lit. The best part of it all isn't that these lights are super-easy to install, but also the fact that they are stylish and quite convenient for the long haul because they don't need electricity to run.

3 steps to install solar light


First of all, you need to identify a spot in your garden that gets full sun exposure throughout the entire day. That's because solar garden lights have panels with solar cells that will charge as they bask in the sunlight, and all that energy will be stored inside the batteries of the solar garden lights.

Basically, the more time the solar garden lights' panel expose to the sun, the more the batteries will have the chance to charge completely and provide you with more runtime. This step is actually a lot more difficult than it seems because plenty of people are tricked into placing their lights in spots where the sun shines most at noon. You also need to consider factors that can bring shade, like trees or house walls as well as the actual length of exposure time in the sun of the spot.


Follow the manufacturer's instructions to see what other steps are required of you before you installing the solar garden lights in your solar power system. Note that our solar garden lights come with an on and off switch, make sure you turn it on before you install it. They also have integrated lighting sensors that will detect when it gets dark outside and turn on the lights automatically. Three modes programmed into solar garden lights for you to choose from, such as timer mode, motion mode, and mix mode. These are efficient because they save battery life and extend the using time on rainy days.


When you have identified the ideal spot, it's time to actually install the solar garden lights. This step will depend on the type of light that you've chosen. For example, if you're picked lights that come with a stake that goes in the ground, the next step is literally sticking the light into the dirt in your garden or along a pathway in your yard.

If you've opted for lights that can be mounted on a wall, make sure that you pick a wall that benefits from the most amount of sunshine possible.

There are also models that allow you to attach solar lights on top of existing posts. These lights will come with the mounting hardware required to install them, which usually consists of a bunch of screws and a post base.

How does solar street light works?

Solar street lights use the principle of the photovoltaic effect of solar cells. During the day, the solar panels absorb solar photon energy to generate electric energy to charge the battery pack through the controller. The battery provides power to the LED lighting when night falls or the light around the lamp is low.

How much do solar street lights cost?

Second Sun, as a professional solar garden light manufacturer in China, has its own factory and supplies different types of custom solar lights for garden. And the prices of our solar garden light for sale rank anywhere from $40.00 to $468.00. The prices of solar garden light depend on the requirements of the system and customers. Generally speaking, it is the fast recovery of input costs: One-time investment, no capital risk. A number of solar garden lights are on sale! If you want to buy solar garden lights, please contact us!

Benefits of Solar Garden Lighting

1. You don't need a nearby source (or any source) of electricity for your modern solar garden lights.

2. Because you do not need electricity, you can place your solar garden lights almost anywhere that receives enough sunlight throughout the day.

3. Your solar garden light will not increase your electricity bill.

4. You can install your lights in a flowerbed or vegetable garden where you frequently dig without worrying about damaging electrical wires.

5. Because no wiring is required, solar garden lights are easy to install and can be a do-it-yourself project.

6. Except buying solar garden lights, you can expect to spend little to no money during the lifetime of your solar garden lights. This is because they do not require electricity and have minimal maintenance needs.

You do not have to worry about your children or dogs cutting, chewing through, or tripping on electrical wires.

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