What are the differences between solar Smart and Ordinary Street Light

What Are The Differences Between Solar Smart And Ordinary Street Light

With the advancement of science and technology, the performance of solar street light products is constantly improving. Many solar street light manufacturers have launched solar smart street light in recent years. It has been loved by most users with a bright future once it was launched. So what is a solar smart street light? How is it different from an ordinary solar street light?

Solar smart street lights made by Second Sun, a pro solar lamp supplier, are more humane and intelligent products that extend from ordinary solar street lights. The differences between it and ordinary solar street lights are as follows:

1. Hardware

Compared with ordinary solar street lights, solar powered lights wholesale has more WIFI modules, spherical cameras, and cameras for monitoring.

2. Installation Scope

The installation range of solar smart street lights is wider. In some special areas, such as forest fire prevention zones, it can play its real-time supervision and monitoring and real-time monitoring of forest safety functions.

3. Function

The solar smart street light can emit light all over the body. You can also freely adjust the color of the light to emit light. At special festivals, you can become colorful. In addition, it can also change color with changes in the density of the surrounding traffic flow, thus playing a good alarm function.

4. The smart solar lights China has a monitoring function that ordinary solar street lights do not have. The combination of surveillance cameras and WIFI modules can monitor road traffic and public safety in real time.

5. Some smart solar street light also has a large LED display on the rear, which can scroll the public information of weather forecast lights, and can also monitor the value of the particulate matter in the air in real-time.

In today's increasingly deteriorating environmental crisis, in the Internet age, the promotion of smart solar street lights is of great significance for energy saving and emission reduction, improving the environment, and ensuring the sustainable development of society. Although the price of solar energy-saving street lights is relatively expensive, it not only has lighting functions but also has such smart functions, which is also worthy of our choice.

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